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Breeched babies are a common occurrence during pregnancies nearing birth. There are many ways to deal with turning babies to gain the proper position for the birthing process. One of the ways to turn babies is acupuncture. Acupuncture is a highly successful process for turning babies.

Acupuncture uses herbs and needling as ways to turn the baby. When receiving treatment for breeched babies a needle is placed at the corner of the nail bed of the small toe. The needle is then topped with a burning ball of Mugwart (Moxa) herb. This warms the needle and creates an aroma that sooths and turns the baby. Although the phenomenon is unexplained one can’t argue with the high percentage of success rates. Another way the Moxa scent is delivered is through a Moxa stick. The stick is rotated around the needled toe while smoldering. This process is done to both feet. Most babies turn within 3 days of starting treatment. If the baby turns cease treatment because over treating could cause the baby to turn back to breeched. At Scott Family Health extreme caution is taken with pregnant patients. There are some exceptions to who can receive care. For instance, women who are expecting twins cannot receive treatment.

Acupuncture has been proven to turn a breeched baby and create a thriving environment for birth. At Scott Family Health we have had several successes with turning breeched babies and aiding mothers in having a smooth labor and delivery.