Amputation of a limb or part of a limb is something that can affect a person’s lifestyle greatly.  Even after the amputation, a person can suffer from phantom pain, residual limb pain, hypersensitivity, scar tissue, swelling and poor blood circulation.  These effects can be felt immediately after amputation or surgery and even years after the amputation.

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Phantom pain is something that is unique to amputees.  It is the sensation of pain, described as stabbing, burning, twisting, crushing, etc., in the part of the limb that is no longer there.  Often, massage directly on the end of the amputation or on the soft tissue on the area above the amputation can assist in alleviating some or all of this pain.  While each patient and massage therapist is different, many have found some sort of relief from the phantom pains associated with amputations.

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Residual limb pain can be caused by numerous different things after an amputation.  Such things as scar tissue, tissue damage during surgery, the prosthetic, poor blood circulation and joint dysfunctions are only some examples of what could be causing residual limb pain.  Hypersensitivity can also cause residual limb pain.  Massage therapy can reduce the sensitivity in the limb helping to ease some of the pain.

Scar tissue from surgery and swelling are also common after effects of an amputation.  Scar tissue can have a very negative impact on the surrounding tissues.  It is very tough and less elastic than the surrounding tissue.  This can cause problems with range of motion in the joint as well as pain.  Massage can help to break up the scar tissue to prevent these problems.  Swelling can be decreased with manual lymph drainage therapy.  With a decrease in swelling, patients can wear their prostheses more comfortably, have decreased pain and pressure in the area and if there was any tingling and numbness due to the swelling, that can be resolved as well.

Poor blood circulation can occur in the amputated limb due to a lack of muscle contractions because the muscles are no longer there pushing the blood back up through the limb to the heart.  The Massage therapy offered at our Chiropractic office in Loveland ultimately, can increase the blood flow to and from the area of amputation helping to improve circulation.  This can also aid in reducing phantom pain as poor blood circulation can be a contributing factor to phantom pain.

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