Understanding Laser Therapy

Class IV laser therapy is intended to reduce inflammation, speed up healing, and relieve discomfort. The mitochondria, which are the cells’ energy-producing organelles, absorb photons when a light source is held two to four inches from the skin. 

As a result of this energy, normal cell function is recovered. The basic objective of laser therapy is to stimulate the cell to carry out its normal tasks more quickly. 

High-intensity diode laser therapy gives forth a warm, comforting feeling as opposed to “cold lasers,” which have no sensation or warmth. 

Positive Effects and Benefits of Laser Therapy


In addition to causing vasodilatation and activating the lymphatic drainage system, which drains swollen areas, laser therapy also has an anti-epidemic impact. As a result, the swelling brought on by bruising or inflammation is lessened. 

AntiPain (Analgesic) 

Laser therapy has a significant positive impact on nerve cells, preventing them from sending pain signals to the brain and reducing nerve sensitivity. Less inflammation also results in less edema and pain. 

Accelerated Tissue Repair and Cell Growth

Laser photons have a high penetration rate into tissue and hasten cellular growth and reproduction. The energy made accessible to the cell by the laser light is increased, allowing the cell to absorb nutrients more quickly and eliminate waste products more quickly. 

Improved Vascular Activity 

The production of new capillaries in damaged tissue will be considerably increased by laser light, accelerating the healing process, mending wounds fast, and reducing scar tissue. 

Increased Metabolic Activity 

Higher levels of certain enzymes, more oxygen, and more food particles are produced during laser therapy, all of which benefit blood cells. 

Trigger Points and Acupuncture Points 

Laser treatment uses non-invasive stimulation of acupuncture and muscle trigger points to treat musculoskeletal pain. 

Frequently Asked Questions

How safe is laser therapy?

Class IV laser therapy is very safe, and the only common side effect is a slight warmth. Additionally, all safety precautions are in place before therapy begins, along with safety eyewear. 

Does Laser Therapy have a strong scientific foundation?

There have been thousands of scientific experiments, papers, and research done on class IV laser therapy. It is the most trustworthy and effective treatment available. 

Does laser therapy increase the risk of tissue cancer?

The probability of ever developing cancer is reduced to the absolute minimum because there is no ionizing radiation. 

How long does it take for each treatment?

Class IV lasers are over five times as quick as Class III or cold lasers. Additionally, the effects of a Class IV laser only take a few minutes to reach their peak. 

How frequently should I receive care?

For maximum recovery, it is advised that you receive treatment two to three times per week for anywhere between four and six weeks, depending on the severity of the condition. 

How soon will the effects be felt?

The appeal of a Class IV laser is that after the initial visit, many patients report positive benefits. Of course, everyone has a different ailment, but the effects are frequently felt right away.