Find Relief and Relaxation

A massage in Loveland can provide an effective treatment option for alleviating acute pain and improving discomfort from chronic conditions. Massage therapy is also an effective and beneficial means for relieving stress and encouraging relaxation. Our massage therapists at Scott Family Health are highly trained and licensed professionals that utilize a variety of muscle therapy techniques including deep tissue, neuromuscular, myofascial release, trigger point release, and muscle energy techniques. We also have advanced training in sports massage, post motor vehicle accident, orthopedics, prenatal massage, reflexology, and massage related to temporomandibular joint (TMJ) dysfunction.

With our every therapeutic massage, our goal is to provide you with the relief that you need and the relaxation you deserve. At the beginning of every appointment, we will carefully listen to your symptoms and concerns in order to give you the individualized massage that will address your problems specifically. At Scott Family Health, the quality of care you receive from our massage therapists will consistently exceed your expectations!

Massage Treatment

And Stress Relief

Whether you need a massage to relieve pain, want one to reduce stress, or anything in between, our massage therapists at Scott Family Health are here to help. At every visit, we carefully review your medical history and discuss in detail your areas of pain and tension to create a relaxing, yet effective massage experience. Schedule an appointment today to find relief and relaxation.

Your Massage Therapy Visit

At Scott Family Health, each massage therapy visit begins with a careful review of your diagnosis, health history, and any problems you may be experiencing. An evaluation is then performed to confirm your working diagnosis and determine whether your pain could be stemming from deeper conditions. To better serve you, our therapists have immediate access to a doctor of chiropractic care should any questions arise during treatment.

Non-Invasive Care

Massage therapy is a safe, non-invasive form of healthcare that can be beneficial for patients who have acute or chronic pain and for alleviating stress or tension. Massage not only offers relief, it has also been shown to improve a number of conditions and concerns. At Scott Family Health, our goal is to ensure long-lasting benefits from massage therapy for each of our patients.

Sports Massage

During a sports massage, your therapist will use a variety of techniques as they focus on specific muscle groups throughout the body. A typical massage will begin with rhythmic, stroking movements that will help you to relax allowing your therapist to identify any tense and tender areas. As the massage continues, therapists gradually begin to focus on deeper tissues, using a kneading motion to stretch muscle fibers and stimulate circulation. Near the end, they may use forceful grasping and stretching motions to separate and break down harmful tissues. Through sports massage in Loveland, athletes find the relief they need to properly heal from the hard work they have put their body through.

I have been getting massages for years and no one tops my therapist at Scott Family Health! She is by far, hands down, the best massage therapist I have ever been to.

– M.P.

Our Massage Therapists

Ruby Rizo, LMT

am passionate about helping people feel their best and reach their wellness goals. I specialize in injury and pain management, by using several different modalities, including neuromuscular,  deep tissue, sports , prenatal , cranial sacral, and Swedish massage.

I personalize each massage to get the best results and help my client achieve optimal health.


Tracy Griffin, LMT

Tracy moved to the front range from the small mountain town of Crested Butte which instilled her love of all things outdoors. She spends her free time hiking, camping, skiing, or going on dog walks with her Australian Shepard. She has a love for different cultures, new experiences, human connection, and mind-body healing.

Her passion for human connection has extended into her massage practice since she attended Mountain Heart School of Bodywork in 2019. She has a background in nursing and clinical mental health counseling which greatly influences her approach to healing where she has experience working with acute and chronic pain, myofascial release, post-op, repetitive motion injuries, structural imbalances, scar tissue repair, lymphatic massage, fibromyalgia, and stress-related muscle tension.

Her work is treatment-oriented and incorporates therapeutic neuromuscular deep tissue massage and trigger point therapy to facilitate deep muscle pain relief. Every massage is customized to target your individual needs. She looks forward to playing a role in your healing journey

Catherine Gerards, LMT

Catherine graduated from Kinnaird College of Arts in Lahore, Pakistan, with a bachelors degree in History and Geography. She moved to Fort Collins, CO in 1997 and graduated from the Healing Arts Institute in massage therapy in 2001.

She practiced massage therapy at Healing Arts Institute and Twenty Three Trees spa for 14 years, then
joined Scott Family Health in March 2014. Catherine has a diverse background in multiple massage
techniques, including neuromuscular rehabilitation. Having traveled extensively throughout the world,
she is able to connect with and relate to many different personality types. She has a passion for the
healing of others, and prides herself on providing effective treatment for her clients.

Jaime Owens, LMT

Jaime has been practicing massage for over 20 years. She specializes in medical and customized therapeutic massage including soft tissue manipulation, deep tissue techniques, neuromuscular facilitation, trigger point therapy, and myofascial release, sports massage, and PNF Stretching. She has extensive course work in deep tissue, neuromuscular, and sports massage therapy as well as specialized training for TMJ, headache & migraine management, neck & shoulder issues, whiplash injury, shoulder pain & rehabilitation and low back pain.

Jaime believes in the power of massage to facilitate a balanced pain free body, a relaxed and calm state of mind, and increased quality of life. Jaime’s goal is to facilitate pain reduction, ease chronic pain, and collaborate with the rehabilitation team to make lasting quality changes in strength, function and balance.