Know About Sports Massage:

There are four different types of sports massage therapy. You have Pre-event, Post-event, Restorative and Rehabilitation. All four are performed at different stages of training. By breaking each one down, you will have an understanding of how massage benefits your overall athletic performance.

Pre-event: Massage you receive right before your event, performance, game, etc. Pre-event massage is short and stimulating and consists mostly of compressions, tapotment, jostling and stretching massage loveland fort collins

with little pressure. Our goal is to warm the muscles and loosen them up for optimal performance. Pre-event is typically done within the 1st hour prior to the event.


Massage directly following the event. Typically done 1-2 hours following the event, this type of massage is meant to put your body at ease after just being worked hard. Post-event massage consists of deep, gliding movements. During this massage we increase circulation and we calm down the nervous system.


Massage you receive during training. The goal is to help out with the athlete’s training. This could be focusing on soreness of muscles and/or releasing muscles for improved movement. This is the most popular form of sport’s massage.


Rehabilitation is massage you can receive during any stage of training or event. This massage focuses on injuries that may have occurred during training or during the event. The goal is to decrease pain or tension so that the athlete can continue with their activity/sport.

Sports massage is not limited to training, but is effective at all stages. Come in today to receive sports massage. Our massage therapists will meet you right where you’re at during your training! We want to help you be the best at what you do!