Alexa’s Hugs is a Loveland nonprofit founded by Tad and Jona Johnson in memory of their daughter, Alexa, to provide positive encouragement for seat belt and vehicle safety. alexas-hugs-logo_1_Alexa had been driving down the interstate on her way to help a friend. She lost control of her truck and was ejected as the truck rolled violently. She was not wearing her seat belt. Alexa was just nineteen years old.

The programs of Alexa’s:

The programs of Alexa’s Hugs emphasize the importance of seat belt safety and driver awareness through engaging and interactive events for all ages, with special focus on teens and young adult drivers, and with wonderful positive results. In 2014, they saw an improvement in observed seat belt use of 8.6% in four local high schools. In 2015, that number rose to 10.7% increase in seat belt use at eleven northern Colorado high schools.

To learn more please visit their group on Facebook: Alexa’s Hugs of Northern Colorado