Are you tired of taking your Irritable Bowel Syndrome medication with little to no relief?

Consider trying acupuncture as a safe and viable treatment adjunct! Acupuncture will help to relax abdominal cramping, reduce gas and bloating, and can reduce the severity of your symptoms. We’ve had some good success at treating IBS, and would love to help you! Acupuncture is a very safe and gentle treatment option. The needles are all sterilized, single use needles and most people feel hardly anything when the needles are inserted. Once inserted, your acupuncturist will verify that you feel okay and then you will lie relaxing on the acupuncture table for 20-40 minutes. It’s a highly relaxing time for most people, and you should leave our office feeling relaxed and refreshed. You can be on your way to living a healthier and more productive life! We’re here to help you succeed! Schedule your acupuncture appointment in Loveland today!