There are several ways to book appointments for any of our services at Scott Family Health, whether you need to schedule chiropractic care, physical therapy, acupuncture, or massage therapy. In this week’s post we’d like to review them all just to remind our patients of their options. You can then choose the one that is most convenient for you.


There are direct links to an online scheduling app from our website. Just look for the large buttons at the top of the page that say “Schedule Loveland” or “Schedule Fort Collins” and click on the location you want to visit. Our scheduling app is administered by Schedulicity. Our patients love it because it’s extremely easy to make your appointments online.


There is a “Schedule Now” link just under the header image of our Facebook page. This will take you to the same scheduling app, but only for Loveland. We can only have one scheduling button through Facebook. That’s why this link is for our Loveland location only.

Phone/Mobile Friendly

Our website, Facebook page, and the Schedulicity app are all mobile-friendly and easily navigated using your smartphone, so you can make appointments whenever and wherever. The mobile app lets you schedule an appointment without typing a single word. In addition, you can easily cancel and reschedule appointments.

Email and Text Reminders

The first time you schedule an appointment online through Schedulicity, it will have you create a simple account so you will then have click through options to make appointments quickly and easily. In the process you will be asked to opt in to email and text reminders. The text reminders are especially valuable for busy people on the go. Your appointment reminders will automatically pop up on your phone.

Call Us

Of course we’re still happy to hear from patients via phone. If you need to set up, cancel, or reschedule a chiro appointment in Fort Collins, just call us at 970-663-2225. We’re here and glad to help you!