Did you know that Acupuncture and Chinese Medicine can be a great and gentle way to treat a wide variety of pediatric complaints?  That’s right, gentle!  We use a specialized kit of acupressure tools to apply light pressure to specific points and regions of the body.  Kids generally tend to respond well to acupressure, and most kids really enjoy their sessions.

Things To Know:

Whether it be digestive issues, anxiety, or even sleep disorders, consider trying this safe and effective method.  Generally a series of anywhere from two to six sessions is suggested as a good starting place to get the issue under control.  In some cases a pediatric, Chinese herbal formula is recommended as well.  Usually these formulas come in the form of a glycerine based tincture (liquid droppers) which can be mixed in either a glass of water or juice.

So, if your little one is struggling with chronic tummy troubles, difficulty sleeping, or increased anxiety give Chinese Medicine a try! And, as always, if you have specific questions please feel free to call our office and speak with Ashley or Michah (our acupuncturists).

Ashley Johnson, L.Ac. MSOM