The real truth behind what I do for a living is that Chiropractic is 100% American! Not only is it American but was promoted by Ronald Reagan! “What you talking about Willis?” It is true Chiropractic was founded in 1895 by a man named Daniel David Palmer in Davenport, Iowa. He had a son BJ Palmer that owned the first radio station west of the Mississippi river and he hired a young intern named Ronald Reagan. The radio station often would promote chiropractic.

About Chiropractors:

A lot of misinformation is spread often about chiropractic including much of what is written on Wikipedia. So why so anti-chiropractic or “anti-American?”It was all about the money and power of the AMA. About the turn of the last century (1900′s) “modern” medicine emerged along with chiropractic. Before the turn of the last century medicine consisted of leeches, blood letting and no understand micro-organisms. With the understanding of cleaning your hands, indoor plumbing and parasites carrying blood born diseases medicine emerged and so did the germ theory. This theory of modern medicine was not a American idea but European concept.

Medicine is a product not just a service. It was now easy to promote that it is because of the “germ” that you got sick, and oh here take this pill for the symptoms. This proved effective and much more profitable than chiropractic. Don’t believe me? What is the most powerful forces in our American Health care system? Pharmacology companies and the American Medicine Association. It became very easy to out promote chiropractic and slander the competition. Chiropractors were even jailed for practicing medicine. In the 1960′s the AMA formed a commission on “quackery” to snuff out chiropractic once and for all. Didn’t work.

But wait a minute, isn’t because of the germs or viruses that you get sick? No, not really. You get sick because you are immuno-compromised. Meaning you ate too much sugar, drank to much beer, stayed up to late and the germ or virus was able to take advantage of your compromised system. Why do only two out of the three children get sick? They all played with the same toys, drank out of the same jug of water. Easy, one kid’s immune system was not compromised.

Don’t get me wrong our emergency medicine is second to none in America. And by emergency I mean if you are having a heart attack or need a stint put on your heart we are the country for you. Now our “preventative medicine” is not so good. I say this because we are about 37th in the World in health and life span. Guess who is number one. France.

Giving prophylactic antibiotics for every ear infection and infection in general is not going to eradicate the bacterium. It is also not very good prevention. Ever hear of MRSA virus? Tough sucker to kill. Guess how that little beauty was formed. Kept building resistance to our new antibiotics.

Wrap Up:

Now we are examining the countries with poor emergency services. They have great preventative measures out of necessity. We see herbs, diet and other ways to treat the body. In the next 100 years we will see a rise of chiropractic, acupuncture, herbs and nutrition as a way to naturally help the body heal and fight disease. Thank you China! We will send you another fast food chain.

So if you want to be as healthy and strong as Captain America……go with Chiropractic! The only true American Health Care system.