Needles might seem scary, but acupuncture treatments at our Fort Collins and Loveland offices are nothing but relaxing and healing.
If you have a fear of needles but would like to try acupuncture, you’re not alone. It’s still common at both of our Loveland and Fort Collins offices to hear patients tell us they have a fear of needles when we recommend an acupuncture treatment for a specific condition.

Acupuncture treatments at our Fort Collins

Needles are one of the tools we use to deliver acupuncture therapies. This practice was originally developed in ancient China as a method by which the healthy flow of a life energy called Qi (say “chi”) could be restored. Acupuncture needles are designed to be applied with no pain at all.
Most needle phobias come from childhood experiences of getting shots and immunizations. Acupuncture will turn those memories around completely. Most of our patients look at acupuncture as an overwhelmingly positive experience with needles, because treatments are so focused on relaxation.
Acupuncture needles are completely different in both size and shape: they’re super fine and not hollow…about the thickness of a human hair. In fact the most commonly used acupuncture needle is .35-.14 millimeters in width, and that’s actually thinner than a human hair!
They’re also flexible so you can still move around. Although most of our patients are happy to just relax and enjoy the healing. The benefits of acupuncture are real, so we keep encouraging people. Usually when a patient finally decides to give it a try, they wonder why they waited so long!

About Michah Stephens:

mstephensMichah Stephens, L.Ac, M.S.O.M., received his masters in Oriental Medicine from Southwest Acupuncture College in 2003. In addition to receiving his masters, he also has a license in massage therapy. His vast knowledge of Acupuncture ensures success to anyone who seeks his services.