As the autumn season returns, the crispness returns to the air, and we start thinking about all things Fall. Scarves. Pumpkin spice lattes. Shorter days. And, unfortunately, sometimes that first cold or flu. If you tend to get sick easily consider trying Acupuncture this season. Now is the time to start strengthening your immune system, and Chinese Medicine is a great way to accomplish that!

Acupuncture Benefits:

Did you know that insufficient sleep and increased stress levels can lead to a weakened immune system?  These factors, along with diet, can weaken your body’s natural defense system and leave you susceptible to the common cold.  If you’re stressed out, eat on the go, and can’t sleep at night allow acupuncture to help you get back on course.

  • Specific acupuncture points have been shown to increase the production of red blood cells and activate white blood cells.  This helps to stop viruses and bacteria in their tracks.
  • Several Chinese herbal formulas can help to increase your immunity.  These herbal formulas provide you with a natural alternative to pharmaceutical medication. They also cost much less, and have little to no side effects.
  • Acupuncture can increase your vitality, improve the quality of your sleep, and lessen the duration of a cold or flu.  Getting an acupuncture treatment at the first sign of a cold can often nip your symptoms in the bud.


So, if you are the type of person that gets sick frequently in the winter, now is the time to start some regular acupuncture.  It’s recommended to start with 4-6 weekly sessions to kick start your immune system, and then we look at monthly sessions throughout the winter months.  In addition to increased immunity, chances are you’ll benefit from improved energy levels and sounder sleep.

Ashley Johnson, L.Ac., MSOM