Low back pain ails many people on a daily basis. Many things cause lumbago, or lumbar back pain. The fight against low back pain is resolved in many ways, but one of the better ways to deal with the symptoms is through massage.

Massage is very effective for treating chronic low back pain.

The results seen through massage have an enduring effect. Massage can treat low back pain that is caused from muscle or nerve conditions. Massage brings relief of pain and relaxation to the muscles. During a massage the release of endorphins occurs which stimulates the nervous system allowing for the reduction of muscle stiffness. Massage can aid in improving the function and mobility of the lumbar spine. Treatment depends of the symptoms, physical condition, and personal preference. At Scott Family Health the approach to massage is diagnosis based. So, each patient will receive the best and personalized care for their specific condition. The treatment of massage for low back pain allows people to find relief without having to take medications, such as anti-inflammatory medication and muscle relaxants.


At Scott Family Health we aim to fix the problem rather than the symptoms. For personalized, friendly, effective treatments schedule today and rid yourself of lumbago!