Ok, How can Washington, insurance companies and the AMA screw this up anymore? Clearly we are not going to reach happiness with any majority of the population with this bill. At the same time, we are going to raise costs on the healthy people of this country to the tune of about $800.00 per individual per year.

Reading an article this month in Money magazine sheds some light on what we are moving toward. I recommend everyone read the article. While I will not go into the ” insurance exchanges”, higher premiums for younger adults and tax credits. I do see some benefit to this type of coo-coo action. How?

Well, it is going to push us (health-care facilities) toward a boom of non-profit organizations delivering health-care. “You mean like in the 1950′s when health-care worked?” Yep. When hospitals were not for profit but ran on donations from large capitalistic companies and Churches with the added benefit of not paying taxes. Why would the companies do this? Simply because it will cost companies less to invest(own) non-profit facilities delivering health-care to their workforce than continuing to buy overpriced insurance. Sure, it may take a few years!

My advice to young people heading into college would be to get a communications degree and learn how to start non-profit organizations. I am sure some large companies could really see some tax advantages to donating generously to a non-profit health-care company. Just pick mine would ya!

Of course, this plan is subject to the Government of the United States giving out non-profit status to health-care companies. Can you say November!

Come on all you capitalistic pigs let’s get it started!