Sports physicals are an important part of participating in sports. Preparticipation Physical Examinations, or PPE, are important for ensuring safe participation in sports. PPE should be carried out at least once a year and 6 weeks prior to the start of the sports season. At Scott Family Health sports physicals are offered year round and for a good price.

Sports physicals include two main portions:

Sports physicals include two main portions, which are medical history and physical examination. The physical examination portion includes taking measurements such as height and weight, blood pressure (BP), pulse, vision testing, evaluations of posture, joints, strength and flexibility, as well as heart, lung, ears, nose, and throat check ups. Medical history is dependent upon gender and age. PPE help the athlete to avoid injury and be able to perform at the top of their ability. PPE will most likely aid athletes in sport and not prevent them from participation. If problems do arise during the sports physical measures will be taken to correct rather then just disqualifying them from sports. Now keep in mind that sports physicals are not the same as regular yearly check-ups and should not take their place.

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At Scott Family Health we can save you time and money by performing your sports physical conveniently in our office. Sports physicals at Scott Family Health are cheap, easy, and convenient.