I know I seem very harsh and certainly out of the mainstream with what is being spoken about core strength. It seems everyone these days has a “bellyblaster” to sell you or some new shape up or ship out gadget.

Low back pain is so prolific that everyone seems to be an “expert”. I happen to work with lower backs all day long, everyday. I have looked at and studied spine physiology from neurophysiology to muscle physiology. What people want me to say is that just “stretching and strengthening” your back is enough, this would be speaking partial truth. A good chiropractor or a good physical therapist will tell you their are people with lower back pain that we just didn’t help. So, it would stand to reason that just exercising is not going to be a magic fix for your spine. As I wrote in my last blog “Core strength…Hogwash” the ligament system of the spine is far more important than the neuromuscular system.

How do I strengthen my ligaments? You don’t so take care of them. But how? Diet, Diet and better Diet. Don’t traumatize your back like jumping out of airplanes or running on pavement for 12 miles a day. And if you do these things turn to organ system balance with acupuncture, chiropractic, diet and stretching. Don’t just take my word for it. Do some research. I mean real research not the B**lsh*t being handed out on TV.  Buy books on the subject and make up your own mind about it…..think.

I love my patients. I have to speak the truth. I only wish I could spend more time speaking with each one of them. That is the gold in my day. Stay gold.