dreamstime_xxl_21025558-300x200 (1)Relaxation massage is relaxing, but it won’t help treat specific health issues.
As a chiropractor in an integrated care clinic, I am able to coordinate care for my patients in Loveland based on their individual needs. With chiro, acupuncture, physical therapy, and massage all in one place, I can pick and choose combinations of one or more treatments to help patients get better faster.But there always seems to be some confusion about therapeutic massage. When I suggest it, some patients will tell me they have a membership at a local massage place, so they’re all set. The thing is, there are actually two types of massage: therapeutic and relaxation. Both offer unique—but totally different—benefits.What I tell my patients is this: relaxation is good, but it won’t work on your problem.

Relaxation massage is relaxing:

Therapeutic massage treats pain and many other health issues, like musculoskeletal dysfunction, irritation of the upper neck and back, and pregnancy.A professional massage therapist will engage in a detailed discussion of your health needs, and in fact when they receive a referral from me, the massage therapist already has information about you and your health condition. Therapeutic massage treatment, combined with chiropractic care, is specific and appropriate to YOUR needs.It may also be relaxing, but it’s not the same and it won’t result in the benefits of the advanced techniques used in therapeutic massage. Do you have a question about your health and massage therapy? Contact our office in either Loveland or Fort Collins for an appointment, and I’d be happy to discuss it!


Meet Dr. Shahlaye Geer, D.C:

Dr. Shahlaye Geer, D.C., holds her Doctor of Chiropractic from Northwestern Health Sciences University, with certification from the National Board of Chiropractic Examiners. She received her Bachelor of Arts from University of Colorado, Boulder. When she’s not treating patients Dr. Geer enjoys golf, cycling, and snowboarding.