Many people would consider massage therapy to be a luxury—something that can temporarily relieve muscle tension and increase feelings of relaxation. However, there’s much more to massage therapy than that noodly feeling you get when you leave the massage table.

In this blog, the Loveland integrative health professionals at Scott Family Health will teach you about some of the unexpected benefits of massage therapy. With routine visits to your massage therapist, your body and mind are sure to feel refreshed!

Massages improve your sleep quality.

The professional world can take a toll on your physical and mental state, leaving you feeling sore, achy, and stressed out—and when you’re experiencing pain and stress, it’s going to lower the quality of your sleep. Fortunately, massage therapy can relieve the aches and pains caused by sitting or standing too much during the workday, and can leave you feeling carefree and refreshed so you can feel asleep easier and stay asleep longer. Sleep on that.

Massages can boost your mental acuity.

Similar to our last point, massage therapy has a way of relieving stress and clearing your head, which leaves your mind feeling clear and focused. This can help you become more productive and attentive to your tasks during the workday—and when you accomplish more at work, you (hopefully) have less to stress about in the first place.

Massages can improve the look of your

Massages have been proven to remove tension in the skin and muscles, and improve circulation throughout the body. With better circulation comes dilation of skin surface capillaries, which makes your skin look healthier and more lush—plus, this accelerates the rate at which sebum (your skin’s natural oil) is produced. With routine massage therapy, your skin will be healthy, strong, and luscious to boot!

Massages can improve your athletic performance.

This one might not be a surprise for hardcore athletes, but routine massage therapy can reduce recovery times, improve range of motion, and increase the amount of oxygen delivered to muscle tissue. This will leave you feeling stretchy, relaxed, refreshed, and ready to take on your competition in your next sporting event.

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