Many people love chiropractic care. Chiropractic treatment can help to manage pain and promote flexibility. But for others, the cracking and popping sounds are less than appealing. If you’re curious to understand the popping sounds sometimes caused by chiropractic adjustments, first you should know that they are harmless. It’s only a release of gas trapped within a joint.

What gases are being released? Well, gases within a joint are either oxygen, carbon dioxide, or nitrogen, which are all naturally produced by your body. So, don’t be concerned the next time you hear something crack or pop; it’s completely healthy and normal!

How are these gases within joints created?

The body has a way of protecting joints, and one way is by lubricating them with a fluid called synovial fluid. This lubricant is infused with healthy gases such as carbon dioxide, oxygen and nitrogen. When you move your joint around by stretching it or getting an adjustment by our chiropractor, you may hear that popping sound.

When gases found in the synovial fluid release at a rapid rate, such as during a chiropractic adjustment, it causes bubbles to form. These gas bubbles make the popping sound. Once you hear a pop or crack, you’ll have to wait until carbon dioxide, oxygen, and nitrogen return back to the synovial fluid surrounding your joint to hear a pop again.


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